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An ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified India's Premier Computer & Technical Board.An Educational Initiative Towards The Mission "Make India", "Skill India" & "Digital India"


KThe KASHISH facilitates or catalyses initiatives that can potentially have a multiplier effect as opposed to being an actual operator in this space. In doing so, it strives to involve in all aspects of skill development.


The approach is to develop partnerships with multiple stakeholders and build on current efforts, rather than undertaking too many initiatives directly, or duplicating efforts currently underway. To scale up efforts necessary to achieve the objective of skilling / up-skilling 150 million people, the KASHISH strives to:


Develop ultra low cost, high-quality, innovative business models

Attract significant private investment

Ensure that its funds are largely re-circulating; i.e. loan or equity rather than grant

Create leverage for itself

Build a strong corpus.




Skill development

The challenge of skilling / up-skilling 150 million by 2022 requires both fundamental education reform across primary, secondary and higher education and significant enhancement of supplementary skill development. KASHISH focuses primarily on supplementary skill development and strive to create seamless tracks within the education system.

Foster private sector initiatives

To strengthen supplementary skill development, KASHISH focuses on fostering private sector led efforts that include both non-profit and for-profit initiatives with the goal of building models that are scalable. The KASHISH has adopted a differentiated approach to support private sector initiatives depending on the target segment. Based on the marketability of the skill group and income level of the student population, there are three segments across which the KASHISH focuses on:


Attractive segment: Given that the market automatically works, the KASHISH only plays a reactive role and support the scale-up by various players

Viable segment but with marginal economics or involving high risk/uncertainty: This is a key focus area of KASHISH particularly in the near-term, with the aim being to make this segment much more attractive for private investment

Completely unviable segment: Over time, KASHISH will aspire to work in this segment in collaboration with government departments and help develop innovative business models which can move players from this segment to the viable segment.


1) Dear Students! Any Offline Issued Diploma Or Certificate On The Name Of Kashish Not Verified. Please Don't Trust Any Fraud Person. Our Approved Tc List Updated On Website. Dated: 31 July 2022

2) About The Department And The Courses Vocational Education And Training (vet) Is An Important Element Of The Nation's Education Initiative. In Order For Vocational Education To Play Its Part Effectively In The Changing National Context And For India To Enjoy The Fruits Of The Demographic Dividend, There Is An Urgent Need To Redefine The Critical Elements Of Imparting Vocational Education And Training To Make Them Flexible, Contemporary, Relevant, Inclusive And Creative. The Government Is Well Aware Of The Important Role Of Vocational Education And Has Already Taken A Number Of Important Initiatives In This Area. School-based Vocational Education In India Is Currently Covered By A Centrally Sponsored Scheme Which Was Mooted In 1988 And Was Aimed At Providing An Alternative To The Pursuit Of Higher Academic Education. One Of The Objectives Of The Vocational Education Programme Of Kgi Group Is To Meet The Need For Skilled And Middle-level Manpower For The Growing Sectors Of Economy, Both Organized And Unorganized. The Range Of Vocational Education Courses Has Been Expanding Over The Years Depending Upon Needs Of Learners And Market Demands. The Present Vocational Education Courses Of Kgi Group Are Meant For Both Urban And Rural Sectors.

3)  Urgent Notice 24-05-2018 Jammu It Is To Be Notified To All The Skill Training Institutes Pan India. A Person Namely Vikash Raina, Jay Singh And Team From Patna Bihar Is Using The Name And Logo Of Our Organization. He Has Also Opened A Duplicate Account Of Our Organization. This Is A Total Fraud Case. These People Are Making A Fool Of Public Saying That He Is Running Csr Program Which Is A Total Fraud. Beware Of These Frauds. As We The Kashish Group Of Education Provide Login Credential Of All Training Centre Work With Kashish For Quires Visit With Regards Director Kashish Group. Thanks